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Nav and Robert have been friends since they started school, but it’s not until they move out together that they start to realise how different their childhoods were. Nav knows little of magic, fairy tales or myths, while Robert’s family stories were embellished with magic. While they’re both figuring out how to live together, they encounter interesting neighbours, fascinating baristas, and they discover a lot more about magic than either of them expected in their little street.

This is a coming-of-age fantasy series for young and new adults, discussing themes of magic, growing up, friendships and history.

The Velvet Mansion and the Discovery of Magic
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The Laundromat and the Four Elements

Nav and Robert are settling into their apartment above The Velvet Mansion. Since they started working in the antiques store, they’ve discovered a magical grimoire that seems to move on its own and will do anything to get Nav’s attention. They’ve made friends with the girls that live next door, and they’re going on their first date! Nav discovers more about the mysterious grimoire, while Robert finds stories in The Bard’s Tales that he hasn’t read or heard about for years. When an old friend arrives asking Nav and Robert for help, they don’t know whether they can trust him or not, but Lillith and Darling resolve to figure out a way to test if the mysterious Jules can be trusted.

The second book in The Ebonwick Chronicles, Nav and Robert explore their town more, and discover cake shops with no name, pavement cracks that repel annoying customers, and they learn that memory loss in Ebonwick isn’t as uncommon as they once thought.

It is the sequel of a fantasy series for young adults and new adults, and discusses themes of magic, growing up, relationships, friendships, and history. 

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